Key considerations to sell the used car


Owning a car is a thing of pride but after some time its performance depreciates due to which the user wishes to buy a new one. If you are thinking to buy a new car, you can sell your used car. You can also consider investing in a used car for sale. There are many high priced brands available in the market and they are not in the reach of common people. So, people can grab them by investing in used cars.

Here are some considerations when selling the in used cars.

Rules for selling used cars

There are some rules for selling used cars. So, the seller will have to transfer the registration certification in the name of the buyer. The transport department has made the process of transferring the registration certificate online. This process involves the presence of both the buyer and the seller at the time of signing the transfer certificate.

Registration process – For transfer of registration certificate, in most of the cases, form 28 and 30 are signed and keep with the dealer. As soon as the dealer finds the buyer, he fills the details in it, which is completely illegal. Whereas the rule is that the registration certificate should be transferred only after 1 month of the sale of the vehicle.

In this process, the forms are generated electronically once they go online. The presence of both buyer and seller at the time of signing the documents will increase transparency.

Useful documents for selling used car

The essential documents that you will need include registration certificate, Insurance, PUC Certificate, Self assist pan card, Self assist address proof, Self assist photo, Form 28,29,30, Self aphidavid.

On the printout of the registration form, both the signatures and other documents will have to be submitted. Other documents include residence certificate and insurance letter etc.