Transferring Vehicle Ownership in Thailand


When you acquire an automobile or motorbike in Thailand you need to transfer the possession of the vehicle to your name. Do not listen to anyone who tells you it cannot be done or tries to dissuade you from doing so. It’s not challenging to do if you have obtained every little thing you need.

The title transfer requires to be done at the Land Transport Office. In Chiang Mai, there are two different offices. The location of the first office gets on Lamphun Road, just east of the river, best across from a huge bridge that makes a T-junction beside the Vacation Inn. This is the workplace to visit for transferring the title of a motorcycle as well as for paying your yearly automobile tax obligation.

The second Land Transport Office is situated on Hang Dong Roadway simply past the airport if you’re heading south from the center of the community. This is the workplace to go to for transferring the title of a vehicle, as well as it’s also where you go to get a driving permit.

For Selling Car Plate Numbers [ขาย เลข ทะเบียน รถ, which is the term in Thai], please click on the link.

Required files

Now that you recognize where to go, let’s look at what you’ll need to bring with you. The seller does not require to be present so long as you have the called for signed photocopies of their ID as well as their trademark on the title transfer application form.

The Purchaser needs to bring the complying with to the Land Transport Office:

  • Car
  • Ticket
  • Vehicle ownership pamphlet, a green publication which has been authorized by the Seller
  • Authorized duplicates of key details web page as well as the visa web page
  • Application signed by the seller; type offered at the workplace
  • Home Certification from Migration or your consular office, or a job license

On top of that, you’ll need either of the following from the Vendor:

  • Authorized copy of ticket information as well as visa pages if the seller is a foreigner
  • Signed copy of nationwide ID card if the vendor is a Thai resident Home Certificate from Migration or your consular office or a job authorization if the vendor is a foreigner