4 Reasons To Gift Your Customers


In our society, giving can show attention, gratitude, empathy, zeal, admiration, and affection for the person who receives the offering. Dedicating part of your time or an object to someone goes beyond the materialistic issue, promoting kindness, solidarity, and relationships. Giving gifts with premium item (ของพรีเมี่ยม which is the term in Thai) is an action that was part of human evolution, lasted after several social changes, and continues as a strong tradition.

We present companions, friends, and family with the intention that this gesture represents affection and brings happiness to these dear people. Another intention is that the present makes us remember. We even imagine that the person will have a thought of gratitude when seeing the object or using it. But have you ever wondered what the point is when the recipient is a customer? Why is it so common for companies to hand out freebies?

Schedule Attendance

No reason is better than being present when delivering a gift. Among the brands’ marketing strategies, the habit of delivering personalized gifts is one of the most effective to retain the customer, as he remembers the company whenever he uses the gift. If you know your audience and hit it with a quality product widely used in their daily lives, it is even better.

Important Date

The gift can mark a special day, such as the company’s opening or a unit, changes in location and visual identity, launch of a website, magazine, or other company communication channel. On the other hand, if you serve other companies in a B2B business model, it’s worth sending a special gift as a show of support when your customer does something outstanding. At the end of the year, several establishments send personalized gifts to everyone who was with them during that period, so it’s time to get that visibility before the competition. Retailers usually send gifts to consumers on their birthdays.

Small gifts can be linked to big meanings when they surprise the customer, without any specific date. The potential of the unexpected must be harnessed.

Stimulate Sale

The gift can influence the consumer’s decision between your product and the competitor in a promotional action. In a moment of indecision, the possibility of winning a notebook, a diary, or a sketchbook can arouse the interest of those who have the purchasing power. Remember that the customer will associate the gift with the brand, so it cannot be expired or easily breakable.


After closing the contract, providing a service, or providing a product, it is always important to keep in touch with the customer to receive feedback, show concern for their satisfaction, and keep the doors open for future business. Gifting the customer is a great way to break the ice and even serve as an excuse for a visit.

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