Setting goals and tracking progress in your pokemon go account


Pokemon Go players, the game starts to feel aimless after catching the initial set of Pokemon near your home and workplace. The thrill of discovering something new with each Pokestop and spawn point wears off, and you’re left with a collection of Pokemon without any clear targets or sense of achievement.

  • Catch one Pokemon from each of the 18 types by August 1st.
  • Power up a Tyranitar to 3000 CP by September 30th.
  • Earn a gold medal for catching Flying-type Pokemon by December 31st.
  • Walk 100 km to earn the Jogger medal before the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

Notice how each goal is precise and completed, seems difficult but possible, aligns with gameplay advancement, and includes a firm due date to work toward. Vague goals like “Get stronger Pokemon” are much harder to achieve because you’ll never know when you’ve crossed the finish line.

Medals overview page

Go to the ‘Player’ tab in your compte pokemon go a vendreapp and select ‘Medals’ to see an overview of all the badges you’ve unlocked. The General, Hoenn, Fighting, etc. sections give you a progress bar toward earning the next tier of badges in each category. For example, if your Steel-type medal is currently Bronze, you check how many Steel Pokemon you still need to catch to level it up to Silver and Gold—the dates listed show when you achieved each existing medal.

Achievement stats

In the medals area of the app, you tap any of the medal icons for a pop-up detailing your numerical progress. For example, my Gold Battle Girl medal shows that I have won 1,526 gym battles. This information empowers me to set a new goal: “Win 200 more gym battles to reach 1,750 by July 1st.” 


Pokedex keeps track of how many different species you’ve caught, including genders, shiny variants, regional forms, and more. Each entry shows your most robust specimens of that type with CP values. If you’re determined to fill out your Pokedex entirely, you filter by ‘Caught’ and drill down to see what’s still needed.

Buddy achievements

Check your Buddy stats under the Tracker tab to get motivation for exercising with Pokemon Go. The panel shows your distance walked, calories burned, and Buddy levels achieved over time. The information even illustrates which Pokemon were your Buddies for each milestone.

  1. Collect one of every available hat/costume for your Buddy Pokemon
  2. Get one million Stardust without purchasing any
  3. Take AR photos of your Pokemon around the world while travelling
  4. Make a Lucky Trade every day for a month
  5. Hit Best Friends status with a new friend from each state
  6. Add a Pokemon caught from every park/landmark in your city to a memory collection

Regardless of your goals, it’s wise to log your progress outside of the Pokemon Go app in case you lose data or switch devices. A spreadsheet works ideally to create columns for different objectives and record dates or other notes as you progress toward completing each. For example, one column could list the names of each missing shiny you catch during your “Get one of every shiny” quest. The spreadsheet gives you a snapshot of your achievements and what’s left to accomplish.

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