Pitfalls of Security Technology Silos


Organizations are utilizing condition-of-the-art technology and applying innovative technological ways of provide them with an aggressive edge. Companies have become conscious of the growing requirement for IT compliance to advertise their governing procedures.

It has boosted calls for solutions that may maintain and monitor compliance constantly for recognition associated with a dangerous situations that can lead to security breaches. But generally, there’s been minimal progress and occasional success in connection with this, because the solutions are ineffective in delivering and fulfilling the governance risk and compliance criteria.

Why and just how IT silos pose security threats?

Silos would be the greatest obstacles which prevent various independent solutions from conjoining for aiding in risk assessment and vulnerability management. The majority of the organizations use systems and applications which are not able to integrate, coordinate, communicate and promote interoperability thus missing seriously in productivity, creating favorable conditions for security breaches.

Frequently decisions regarding procedures and policies aim at independent units as opposed to the whole business inside a unified manner. Thus each unit operates based on its very own policies. Bypassing implementation of the central risk assessment and vulnerability management process creates loopholes within the home security system thus triggering security alarms.

Retarded idea of security solutions

The majority of the organizations cannot envisage the results the overall security software can establish. The management does not distinguish the needs of the organization and hang the safety expectations to deal with all security issues within broad category. Additionally, it does not develop concrete risk assessment procedures to determine the standards which come underneath the purview of high-risk concerns.

Secure future with compliance management

IT security concerns are supported by fear and apprehension. And also the lack of ability to make use of appropriate information security results in added price of repairing the harm or rebuilding a procedure. With growing security breaches, organizations have to seal the vulnerable areas by utilizing solutions which are simpler and simpler to integrate.

Getting a compliance keeper provides a obvious vision to handle processes in the best, consistent and transparent manner. Using compliance management helps you to easily integrate policies, controls and rules thus staying away from security breaches to some large extent. It provides the additional advantage of applying a typical process for compliance across units in a number of locations thus reducing cost and time.

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