How Often Do You Deep Clean Your Workspace?

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Cleaning an office space is an essential yet overlooked aspect. With many people walking in and out all day and working day and night, cleanliness is the best thing you can give. A clean environment leads to a better, healthier, and more productive workspace. But how often should you deep clean your workspace? Check this article to know. 

How often do you deep clean your workspace?

There are two types of cleaning – regular and deep. Of course, you have to clean your office daily, weekly, or in any other scheduled manner. This is called regular cleaning. Deep clean, as the term suggests, requires you to pay keen attention to the corners of your office and clean the space thoroughly. It goes beyond the most accessed areas and removes all visible dirt. So, ask yourself how often you usually deep clean your workspace. 

Generally, it is always advisable to deep clean your office at least once or twice a year. This includes cleaning entranceways, kitchens, hallways, meeting rooms, small cabins, and all the other places. You should also deep clean your carpets and upholstery as they may harbour dirt and debris. A deep cleaning helps keep your office in top condition and reduces the chances of your employees catching a cold, fever, or other diseases. In addition, it improves the air quality of your office space. 

Why should you deep clean?

Your business and employees are significant to you as an owner. You are responsible for their safety and efficiency. Deep cleaning results in a healthy and safe environment, beginning a more effective workspace. So here are other reasons why you should deep clean:

Healthy Atmosphere – 

When you properly deep clean your office, you can avoid any unnecessary accumulation of dirt and diseases. So, there are lesser chances that it will affect your employees’ health. Healthy employees are the base for a better work environment. 

Best Impression – 

If you have an office where clients and customers walk in regularly, your clean and neat space is the first thing they will notice. When you create a good and positive impression, it leads to a more favourable result. 

No Distractions – 

With too much dirt or dust around, the workers might get easily disturbed or distracted. However, when the place is clean, it helps them work efficiently and creates motivation. 

Factors that determine how often you should get deep clean

While deep cleaning your workspace once or twice a year is efficient, several factors determine how many times you should deep clean the space in a year. These factors include:

  • The type of business you do
  • The number of customers or clients visiting your workspace regularly 
  • The size of your business and office space
  • The number of employees working in your office
  • The age of the building 

You can either deep clean the building with your in-house workers by buying industrial cleaning supplies or approach a professional deep cleaning service to help maintain a spotless building.