Condominium Pool Care In High Season


With the arrival of summer, the use of the condominium pools almost triples; after all, residents are on vacation and want to cool off. And with this increase, it is ideal that the pools are prepared, with maintenance up to date. Thus, ensuring its proper functioning and the well-being of everyone.

In this article, we have separated three topics that the Ari condo (คอนโด อารีย์ which is the term in Thai) should pay attention to during this period of high season.


Ideally, the cleaning of collective swimming pools is done twice a week. But as in high season, it is more challenging to keep it closed for more than a day; cleaning can be done more carefully just once. Attention! Only during this period!

The chemicals used must be specific to the case, starting at the bottom of the pool and then moving to the edges. Afterward, the cracks between the tiles must be brushed, and the surface must be sieved to remove objects in the water. Finally, the pool must be filtered and its PH regulated.

Remembering that for cleaning, it is often not necessary to empty the pool, which should only be done in more extreme cases of maintenance, such as damage to the structure.


Attention should be paid to users during this period to maintain everyone’s safety. Therefore, the pool keeper must be careful with:

  • Babies – should never be alone! Parents should always be around and watching.
  • Children – it is ideal if they are using arm floats and stay in the children’s pool. In the adult pool, they were only accompanied by parents!
  • Adults – it’s common for a day at the pool to be combined with alcoholic beverages at this time, so it’s up to the guardian to warn them about the risks and be on call if they have to make a rescue.


Tile pools – in pools made with this material, it is widespread to break chips and entire pieces on the edges or bottom. As shrapnel can cause cuts, the repair must be immediate to avoid accidents, especially with children. In this case, the pool must be emptied and repaired.

Fiber pools – this material does not require a lot of work, as it requires maintenance every ten years, and during that time, you should renew your paint to take the old look off.

Vinyl pools – another material that requires less work, requiring maintenance every 7 to 10 years to change the vinyl pocket, which is the pool’s finish.

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