Care Of Leather Straps For Watches


Especially in the summer months, strong sunlight, contact with water, and increased sweating can leave noticeable marks on the watch strap. The watch’s strap is also particularly stressed by friction with the skin when wearing the watch and by regular opening and closing. It is essential to pay attention to a few things to retain its appearance and not appear worn. For more information (ดููข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม which is the term in Thai), here are the essential care tips for bracelets made of leather, metal, and rubber:

Leather Strap

Bracelets made of leather are the classic among the bracelet materials and are still very popular despite new materials. This is also easy to explain because no other material hugs the wrist as comfortably as high-quality, soft leather.

However, watch straps are also particularly sensitive and require regular treatment with a leather care product. This keeps the fine natural material supple for longer and prevents it from becoming porous. Leather straps with a smooth surface are easy to clean and maintain. It is best to use leather grease, leather spray, or leather milk, as these also protect the leather simultaneously. To prevent deformation, discoloration, and staining of the bracelet, please avoid:

  • direct water contact/moisture
  • strong sunlight
  • Contact with cosmetic products such as creams and perfumes

Protect your wristband as well as possible from moisture in everyday life and ideally take off the watch when showering and washing your hands and for water sports. So that the leather can occasionally air out, you should wear a watch with a leather strap regularly – e.g., overnight. Especially in the warm summer months, more sweat forms on the skin, and you should also take a watch with a leather strap off your wrist for hygiene for sports.

Bracelets made of patent leather are extremely sensitive. These should be cleaned very carefully with a damp cloth. Any contact with greasy substances should be avoided with suede leather types, as these penetrate the leather and cause permanent stains. Just brush the suede gently.

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